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Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Mark87, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. Mark87

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    There seems to be a ton of assumptions about Pettine's defense out there, the man hasn't coordinated a defense since 2013. I think we need to see a lot more before assuming what he is or isn't going to do. Remember he's working with most of the same personnel as last year.

    No miracles in year 1 in my humble opinion. Let's see what he's all about.
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  2. Backthepack4ever

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    I agree we dont know what hes going to run. Could see many different looks. He hasnt been a dc in awhile but hes still been involved in football.

    As far as personal, each year is different. While some faces are the same we brought in wilkerson who as talent. T will is still playing solid football. With king in the mix and to rooks our cb situation is looking way different.

    There have been many 1st yr dcs that have had success. While we prob wont see a miracle to say we are going to struggle is a guess also. The way i see it the d cant possibly be any worse then last yr. I see things trending the other way
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  3. rpiotr01

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    Who is assuming what? I can't get a g*dd*mn straight answer from anyone on what his D is going to look like. Not the media, not Pettine, not MM and not Gute. What have they told us? Right, that there's no more base D and that sub is king, so don't worry about those OLBs which might be DEs sometimes and other times ILBs, and we love press man coverage even though that's not what the players do best and a bunch of them should be playing S anyway, but don't worry because we have three coordinator titles on the D side of the ball so we're really going to coordinate the crap out of those guys.

    The only thing we can assume is that the plan is for there to be 11 defensive players of some kind on the field for every defensive snap, which would itself be a miraculous step up from Dom Capers.
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  4. TW

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    I've been a bit confused about what Pettine has that nobody else does. I think the biggest thing he offered was a decent understanding of the principles of the 3-4 defense. That said, he can't take 2/10 of a second off each player's 40 times, and can't improve their play without seeing them play, and modifying how they're doing it.

    All the hoopla surrounding him is the same hype we hear about guys drafted. Every year we hear about us getting at least 3 or 4 guys who are shoe-ins to be in the HOF five-years after they retire, and for some reason, it don't happen.

    There's no magic potion that can fix this defense. It's going to take time.
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  5. 44blitz

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    rpiotr01 read just about any Packers forum and or blog and Pettine is the second coming of Jesus Christ who will save us all. I expected them to be vague on purpose. They will be vanilla as heck in pre season and use that to gain an advantage early in the year. Once teams have MP pegged it comes down too personal and he'll try to avoid that as long as he can. I was never a Capers fan but he's far from the only issue in GB.
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  6. dannobanano

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    I'm not a Pettine apologist, but I think it can't hurt having a different mind coaching/calling the defense rather than the same old-same old of Dom Capers. Capers never tried to adapt his scheme to player abilities, whereas Pettine intends to adapt the defense to player strengths.
    We will have to wait until training camp to see what he unveils once the pads go on.

    Capers Defense Predictable
    Pettine's Defense Will Be Variable
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  7. endaround

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    That's a big key and something that we just don't know right now.
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  8. Jaymo

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    Can Pettiness turn cow manures into burgers?

    Until proven otherwise, the current corners don’t scare any Hundley-clone QBs and the safeties are haha laughingstocks.
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  9. Sinatra

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    We've got no linebackers.

    I like what Gute did in the secondary, but those guys are going to have some growing pains; and, I like the potential of the young DL, but it's not like they've produced yet. Daniels is the only proven player up there, though he needs to keep his mouth shut and play.

    Perry is a one-armed man just waiting to get hurt; Matthews is past his prime and will miss games; there's exactly no depth at OLB; and, we don't have a single ILB on the roster that's even average.

    Capt Capers made a mess of everything year in and year out, so I expect we'll be better simply b/c of his subtraction... we'll see what Pettine can do. I'm cautiously optimistic about him but I agree with Mark it's a wait and see game.
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  10. Whiskey Sam

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    Having a decent rusher for each edge is quite a luxury. Healthy Matthews and healthy Perry is more than we won the SB with. It'd be nice if at least one of them earned most of their salary this season. Nothing wrong with assuming lady luck is on your roster, you're going to need her to win the SB anyways no matter how stacked your team
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