Packers TE Martellus Bennett ruled out for Bears game with shoulder injury

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Da-news-now, Nov 8, 2017.

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    I've mulled it over for a while. I don't think it's as much a lack of talent as it is a lack of proper conditioning, and game-like practice. Those two things contribute to both injuries, and the perception of lack of ability. You don't learn to play football watching North Dallas Forty, and a Chuck Noll video on tackling. You need to physically do it, and work with pads on to experience the actual motions, and reactions needed. The same applies to all facets of the game.

    It's a lot like running. Usain Bolt wouldn't have been the runner he was had he trained using 12 oz curls of beer, and eating Chicago deep dish pizza. Mary Lou Retton didn't get as good as she was by watching Nadia Comaneche videos. It's all in the physical preparation of actually performing what you'll do in competition.

    I've always considered talent as being the ability, not the results, because results come through hard work, and proper training.
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    So...what's the big deal?

    I don't understand the vitriol. I really don't. This is a corporate big money league. The players don't have guaranteed contracts and they play, arguably, the most violent sport in the country. He signed up to play for the Packers. A-Rod went down, and in absolutely predictable fasion, the Packers are a sub-par (putting it kindly) team. The entire organization has ridden the coat-tails of Aaron Rodgers for years. Why would a vet like Bennett owe any allegiance to the team - he was ring chasing. Period.

    Marty didn't sign up with the Packers for some dumbfounded allegiance to the organization - like we do. He signed up to have a shot with another HOF qb. So, Hundley (who is clearly in wayyyyy over his head) is no good. Shocker. Bennett's approaching retirement. He very well could have gotten surgery and sat out if he stayed in GB. Can you blame him?!? I sure as hell wouldn't.

    The Packers did what they needed to do to protect their financial investment - something they are very very savvy in doing year in and year out. They used a questionable approach. And, you can't tell me they didn't ponder NE footing the bill. Bennett played his hand: I'll sit out if I'm here. Now that NE picked him up: Why wouldn't he play through it?!? If he can, he's going to go for another ring.

    Who cares? All this ' owe the team this allegiance...' stuff is flat nonsense. It's all about the money. Both sides.That is the reality of the NFL.
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    I hear you.

    I mean, the Packers 'Failure to Disclose' was a ploy on their part given their opinion on Bennett's injury. And, Bennett's response is his ploy. A classic he said, she said, he said thing. I mean, to expect we're going to get the straight and clean truth from either party is a bit remiss, imho. Good post
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    He didn't have to 'buy in' to sign the contract. He signed the contract with the stipulation of ARod staying healthy? Don't think so. He signed the contract to play football for the organization.

    For example: If I signed a contract to rake your leaves before the snow fell- you would let me walk out of it because say- the weather was too nice. C'mon, it's my last chance to go golfing. Or, I just broke up with my girlfriend and don't feel like it now? NO. You would expect me to rake the damn leaves!

    He quit on the team. As an alleged professional, he's a quitter. Then to top it off he started telling lies that the trainer was MAKING him go out and play with a bad shoulder. BULLSH**T! The Packer trainers are famous for letting people sit. Over twenty players (some not even with the team anymore) responded in defense of the trainer.

    Marty is a quitter. That's the fact. You can throw liar on top of that.
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    Jason Wilde is on a personal crusade over this and has been for a week. He had a nice catch and run last night, but I'm wondering how long before his dropsies come back to get him.
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    So he had an injury he failed to disclose that is so bad they cut him. Yet he plays right away.

    In other words check mate Bennet.
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    Bennett has a torn labrum, I don't think there is any doubt about that. His side said they have tests to prove it and the Packers would have known this if they reviewed his medical file. I suspect they did know because they seem competent and thorough, especially around FAs. Though the torn ACL for the new Browns WR a while back means they can make mistakes. McCarthy said they were talking about surgery dates. Unless you think Mike was taking time to bluff Marty, the coach thinks he has an injury and that means the Doc does too.

    Can he play through it? Apparently so.

    Is there a risk if you continue to play? McKenzie is very cautious so the risk is probably very low. But risk of a worse injury does exist and the player gets to decide what is worth playing through, not the team. If he does need surgery to fix, then playing for anyone delays the surgery. He might prefer to be healthy for the offseason if he has any doubts about the Packers hanging on to him.

    Does this mean that Martellus Bennett is a me first player uninterested in team success over his own career? YES.

    Does this mean Bennett is useless to a successful football team? Apparently not to the Patriots.

    Could other football players do this? Of course. This isn't the first time a team and player have disagreed about WHEN to have surgery and if you can play through it. This happens all the time. Its happened with Packers before.

    It becomes an issue with very good players because there is demand for their services even if their mental make-up isn't all team first. What is different here than a contract hold out? If the player is good enough, they get away with it.

    Did the Patriots and Bennett's rep orchestrate this? Probably.

    Bottom line here

    If you want an individual to evaluate their own tolerance for risk and make the decision for themselves, you can't pick their goals for them. Its hard to put value on team and camaraderie already and then add in a system that largely serves to make you close to disposable.

    This is what this guy does and it seems pretty consistent.

    And its kinda weird to blame the player for making basically the same decision team's make when letting players go.

    Can't help us win a championship? Bye. Brett Goode didn't get paid while healing enough to be active for Game
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    Well put, but where does it say that Bennett claims the trainer was making him play? It doesn't fit. So then are the Packers going to get fined for not reporting the injury. Or did Bennett not say anything until ARod got hurt? I can't shake the feeling that he just quit, sorry but it seemed like he really wasn't engaged before Aaron got hurt and after our QB went down? Well, he quit the Packers. Gotta love his maturity with the 'I'm rubber and you're glue' comment. The guy has burned every bridge he's crossed except the Patriot bridge-- how convenient for him.
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