Packers/Lacy marriage could have been saved

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Da-news-now, Sep 8, 2017.

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    I'm with Dubz on this one. If it was the Packers fault that Eddie Lacy couldn't control his weight, then he'd be doing amazing in Seattle. So far, he has looked like a bust signing for them. There was talk about him struggling all pre season and in camp. Now, some of that may not be entirely due to his weight, but it still remains an issue going forward. He doesn't seem to have the drive to really be the best athlete he can be, which includes your physical conditioning.

    This reminds me of obese people who say that they are fat because they have a, "fat gene", and not because they can't control their eating habits.
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    I'm not going to apologize for the coaches because sure, maybe they could have done more, but I agree with others that the overwhelming majority of the blame on this is on Lacy, pure and simple.

    Look what happened when they finally did pay attention and try to monitor. Yes, he did the whole P90X thing and got into better shape and lost some weight but within a couple of months he was nearly back to square one. You can monitor all you want, but you can't watch these guys 24/7, especially once training camp ends and they are on their own for most of their meals.
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    A few years ago, McCarthy made it clear that players need to prepare themselves, mentally, to play. Since the food situation was a mental one, I'd assume that means McCarthy places the blame strictly on Lacy.
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    As he should.

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