Opening depth chart reveals some surprises for Badgers

Discussion in 'Badger Den' started by Da-news-now, Aug 27, 2017.

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    Just when you think you know…Paul Chryst and the Wisconsin Badgers coaching staff pull another set of surprises out of the hat. With the Badgers playing on Friday, Chryst held his weekly press conference on Sunday afternoon. The Badgers also released the opening week depth chart and there were plenty of surprises on the list. Headlining the surprises was a triple-threat of starters at...


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  2. Mark87

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    I'll be interested to see who starts at RB this week. I fully expect UW to roll Utah State early, completely different program then we played years ago.
  3. TW

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    I'm looking forward to seeing who wants to be a play maker on defense, and how well our passing game has developed. The Badgers need to play solid, and find a few guys sitting on the bench, who can be next man up when needed. The potential is there.
  4. Crease Creature

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    The OL is coming together, the QB should have improved, and it's really nice to have All-Conference caliber players as the 'next-man-up' in the defensive front 7.
  5. 57packer

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    I think Shaw will get the start at RB, but I think this is a clear signal that Taylor will not be red-shirting. He'll get a good amount of snaps.

    The QB decision is interesting. With Coan and Hornibrook essentially in back-to-back classes will they use Coan for mop-up snaps and burn his red-shirt. If Hornibrook starts for the next 3 years that means we only get Coan as a starter for a year. If Coan takes over for Hornibrook at some point, is Hornibrook satisfied with being #2 or does he transfer? Not saying any of that will happen, but QB is the one unique position on the team that when you get a good one, you'd like to maximize their years of playing. Hopefully this will all work out.

    The young OL guys are starting to fill the depth chart - hopefully that will stay a deep area of the team.

    Looking at it, you have to hope Nick Nelson is back for his senior year or that secondary is going to lose a lot in the off-season. (Some have speculated that he may go pro if he's as good as is being reported.)

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