Official 2017 Season Prediction Thread

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Mark87, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. ChampionshipBelt

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    OL depth causes AR to be injured and not 100%. We also cannot run the ball effectively.
    Defense is same old same old. We miss the playoffs for the first time in AR's career.

    Due to this, the BOD fires TT and MM. sp)
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  2. eyecatcher

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    Losses @Dallas, @Pittsburgh, @Vikings and one of the games vs. Seattle or Atlanta
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  3. kingkoopa

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    10-6 or 11-5. Another playoff exit in heartbreaking fashion.

    Unless Capers defense magically does a 180 and becomes a competent unit I don't see us as anything more than SB pretenders. The only thing really going for us is that the NFL is the weakest I can ever remember it being in terms of quality teams. There's a lot of mediocrity across the NFL.

    I know we signed some quality FAs on defense, but my attitude is basically, let me see it. I've heard talk for years that Capers is going to field a competent defense week in and week out, and it never comes to fruition. Instead, what we see is that they perform well against the bottom tier of QBs and get lit up by any QB who is better than average.

    The offense should be good as always, however O line is a major concern for me. One injury on the line and we're in big trouble. If a tackle goes down. I shudder to think what will happen.
  4. diesel

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    7-9 sans Aaron

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