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Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Mark87, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. Mark87

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    Pre season

    1 Thursday, August 13 at New England Patriots 6:30 p.m. state
    2 Sunday, August 23 at Pittsburgh Steelers 7 p.m. state
    3 Saturday, August 29 PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (Midwest Shrine Game) GOLD PKG.
    7 p.m. state
    4 Thursday, September 3 NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (Bishop's Charities Game) 6 p.m. state


    1 Sunday, September 13 at Chicago Bears 12 p.m. FOX
    2 Sunday, September 20 SEATTLE SEAHAWKS 7:30 p.m. NBC
    3 Monday, September 28 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS GOLD PKG.
    7:30 p.m. ESPN
    4 Sunday, October 4

    at San Francisco 49ers 3:25 p.m. FOX
    5 Sunday, October 11 ST. LOUIS RAMS 12 p.m. CBS
    6 Sunday, October 18 SAN DIEGO CHARGERS *3:25 p.m. CBS
    7 Sunday, October 25 BYE
    8 Sunday, November 1 at Denver Broncos *7:30 p.m. NBC
    9 Sunday, November 8

    at Carolina Panthers *12 p.m. FOX
    10 Sunday, November 15 DETROIT LIONS GOLD PKG.
    *12 p.m. FOX
    11 Sunday, November 22 at Minnesota Vikings *12 p.m. FOX
    12 Thursday, November 26 CHICAGO BEARS (Thanksgiving) *7:30 p.m. NBC
    13 Thursday, December 3 at Detroit Lions *7:25 p.m. CBS/NFL
    14 Sunday, December 13 DALLAS COWBOYS *3:25 p.m. FOX
    15 Sunday, December 20 at Oakland Raiders *3:05 p.m. FOX
    16 Sunday, December 27 at Arizona Cardinals *3:25 p.m. FOX
    17 Sunday, January 3 MINNESOTA VIKINGS *12 p.m. FOX
  2. ski

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    It's a bit of a tough opening four weeks, but it evens out. Super heavy divisional run on the back half of the schedule though.
  3. Mark87

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    That's no easy pushover schedule. Best thing limited time on turf this year br) love the end run !
  4. 57packer

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    Yeah, if you divide out the season into quarters like MM often mentions:

    - 1st qtr is tough. Seattle and KC are a pair of really tough games against good defenses. Bears are always better early. 49ers have been tough, but with what's happened there in the last 6 months, who knows.

    - 2nd qtr is three solid opponents in the Chargers, Rams and Panthers, though the Chargers are having some issues this off-season with Rivers and moving-to-LA rumors. One potentially really tough opponent in Denver in there, especially if Manning is still Manning.

    - 3rd qtr could be the easiest but "toughest". Four straight division opponents means everyone will be up for the game, though by then the Bears should be folding. Vikings are a bit of a guess. With a QB they could be tough, we'll have to see how Bridgewater progresses.

    - 4th qtr starts off with a tough Dallas team, then a potential slam dunk in Oakland, followed by a tough defensive team in Arizona who could be special if they have a QB. Vikings at home to finish should be a win.

    Not really a bunny quarter in there but the first half of the season seems tougher than the homestretch.
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  5. Frozen Tundra

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    One thing that struck me as peculiar was the Thanksgiving game. When was the last time Green Bay played anyone other than the Detroits on Thanksgiving? I don't remember it in my lifetime.

    GBP4EVER Member

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    The last time the Packers played in Green Bay on thanksgiving day was 1923. Otherwise in 1994 the Packers played the Cowboys on Thanksgiving and lost 42-31. Overall the Packers have a 14-19-2 record on Thanksgiving.
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  7. GBkrzygrl

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    Finally a Thanksgiving game at Lambeau. I don't mind playing Detroit every Thanksgiving but I don't know why they can't alternate years instead of every year at Detroit.... I imagine there is some kind of agreement for this, but getting pretty tired of it.
  8. rpiotr01

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    Detroit and Dallas home games are traditions going back to the days when no one wanted to play or watch football on Thanksgiving because of, ya know, family and blah blah blah. It's an informal agreement.
  9. Defensewins

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    4 of the first 6 games are at home followed by our BYE week. Hopefully we start out the season strong. Seems like we always start off a bit sluggish.
  10. TundraJoe

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    Schedule is pretty good, with no key injuries I think we should be able to post a decent record. I still don't understand why the league doesn't try and get the bye week in before teams have a Thursday night game. I understand that is not always possible with 3 games on Thanksgiving, but at least don't have us travelling between games.

    Our bye week is nice that it is in the middle of the season, but being we have a home game the week before and a late Sunday game after it is not the most beneficial from a schedule standpoint. Would have preferred the bye before the Thanksgiving game (obviously) or between the Broncos and Panthers game.

    Can't complain, this release gets us closer to the season. Can't wait for the draft so we can see what rookie talent we are bringing in.

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