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Discussion in 'The Warroom' started by Terranimal, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Terranimal

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    Only one game in and enjoying the season, but given age, holes, and free agency, think we can still look ahead to needs while watching college games.

    The easiest answer is we can draft best player regardless of position as possible upgrade with exception of franchise QB. However, 3 positions top my list.

    Go-To tall WR. Been calling for this for years now. Never have liked WR by committee with different skill sets. Also Nelson is the other side of 30 now. No one else currently on the team even comes close to being Go-To. But these guys don't grow on trees and often times are a roll of the dice as the league is littered with guys who had it all but washed out.

    OLB/Rusher. One could make an argument that this is top need and I would agree. Many picks spent here with little return. So bad that Thompson broke his rules and signed an over 30 Peppers. Matthews is now on the other side of 30 as well and there is little behind these 2.

    TE. Cook is for one year and Rodgers looks to be more of a receiver type. Would prefer one that can do both blocking and receiving with enough speed for those short, intermediate routes and red zone threat. But like Go-To WR, not easy to find.

    D-Line. We have an all pro in Daniels and have yet to see how Clark pans out. Even if Clark pans out, one can never have enough of big guys that can collapse the pocket and stop the run. Don't know which area Thompson has wasted more picks: DL or OLB.

    O-Line, RB, Corner: Doesn't seem like a major need at these positions as of this writing, but Starks is older and nothing behind him to back up Lacy. O-Line has a bunch of free agents so can we sign them all? Even if we do, Thompson always seems to draft one and we can always upgrade back ups. Corner is another where we can always draft one, though Thompson really excels at finding undrafted guy.

    Back up QB? Hundtly will be in year 3. Possible we trade him for pick(s)? If so then we could once again be looking to draft one.
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  2. Mark87

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    Yes on the QB... it's time to go draft a 3-4 yr prospect QB. That puts AR at 37/38 and folks it will be a bloody miracle if you get that kind of age out of a mobile QB... TT/MM looked ahead with Favre and it's time to do the same.

    ILB isn't fixed IMHO... need an inside thumper.

    OLB and TE I agree 100% with T.
  3. Terranimal

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    Was reserving judgement on ILB until further into the season.

    Been kind of thinking the same thing on QB over the next 2 years depending how draft falls and who is available.
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  4. realitybytes

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    while i agree with you, i think we just might have already gotten that 3-4 year development prospect - if not hundley, then callahan. hundley lost a year of development due to his ankle, so he's going to need a couple more offseasons. and you could actually see callahan getting better each game that he played in preseason. a couple more years, and he could be a bonafide starter. honestly, i'm not that concerned about qb

    on the other hand, i think we need to draft a premium running back. when lacy hits free agency, we are not going to want to pay market value for him. if we could be sure of getting the 2014 eddie lacy, maybe. but even then i can't see us spending that kind of money on a running back.
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  5. 57packer

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    Agree with much of the above. Here is my take on the positions:

    QB - take one if he's there, but I'm OK waiting another year or two.

    RB - yes please. Lacy may be allowed to walk and Starks is older now. Need a better option here than just those two. Even if you re-sign Lacy, I'd let Starks go and find a younger back-up.

    FB - nope.

    WR - yes, someone with some size and speed who can play outside. We have enough slot guys. I'd take one in Rd 1 if he's there.

    TE - depends on if Cook becomes just a 1yr deal. MM hasn't done much to feature Cook so far which leaves me wondering why I'd draft one high. I'd keep bringing in mid-round guys.

    OL - yes. . . draft a guard somewhere in Rds 3-5.

    DL - always take one if you have the chance, preferably in the first 4 rounds

    ILB - don't know where we stand yet. Martinez looks OK, Ryan looks a little better than last year, as does Thomas. I'm not as concerned about an inside thumper right now. We've been doing well against the run, but of course that could change. I'd keep adding speed to the ILB position.

    OLB - Peppers will be gone. I like what they are getting from Jones and Perry right now. Don't know what we have with Fackerel just yet. I don't see it as a priority, but as Ron Wolf used to say, you don't turn down pass rush talent so I wouldn't pass if one fell.

    CB - yup, got to add another guy (or two) in the draft or FA. Not playing neurologist here, but with Shields concussion history he is likely to be out of football sooner rather than later. I know people are down on Randal after last night but young CBs have bad games. The week before it was Rollins.

    S - I'm OK there and want to see if Brice and Evans are solid back-ups, especially if we lose Hyde in FA.

    So, in summary, I draft OG, WR, RB, DL, CB for sure and add a TE, ILB and OLB if the opportunity is there.
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  6. Crease Creature

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    Clay should move back inside, and shore up that position. I just don't see him being effective on the outside anymore.

    It'll come down to TT doing something he's not been great at, though, other than Clay Matthews: finding a 3-down OLB.
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  7. diesel

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    Clay does belong inside now.. Draft a QB for the future next year. Rodgers isnt going to be a Brady type that excells in his late 30's. His talents have diminished noticeably in the last 12 months
  8. eyecatcher

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    Why do you feel this way? He has been all over the QB and the ball from the outside.
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  9. TW

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    Wow! This thread is a real head scratcher. It falls back on something I've always believed. Plan ahead.

    At this point, I haven't got a clue where the Packers will go with the next draft. Almost anything can happen between now and then. Having Sitton cut could be just the beginning of major overhaul.

    I do know one thing. Between now and draft time, there's going to be a lot of cards with names on them moved around on a big board trying to figure out where we go from here.
  10. Budman

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    I agree TW. I'm no draftnik so I tend to stay away from commenting on what is needed, value, etc. but reading over this thread is very interesting in that this team could be in overhaul mode soon.
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