Kizer dreaming big again

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Cheesedog, Jun 17, 2018.

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    This is very true, but I have some hope that these gaffes will be minimized and the Packers get more positive personnel moves going forward now that 2/3 of the Kaiju that made these poor decisions has been sent down the road.
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    IDK about all of that. This is the same guy that walked out on a game. Wasn't there also reports he didn't even eat with teammates? Im all for holding guys to higher standards but the way he went about stuff wasn't professional. The same way I feel about HaHa, hold your own before you whine about everyone else.
    Guys like Peters and Bryant are talked about as bad locker room guys. Randall was also in that boat.
    Rodgers demands a lot out of guys and many fans think hes a pompus ass for it. (not arguing either side of that one ha)

    My point is I think randall can play in this league. He has tools but IMO he struggled mentally so far in is career. I think he gets frustrated easily and his emotions get the best of him. That contributes to why I think he was shipped out and why I think he as a bad tude
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    Thank you for 'kindly' reminding me, but I didn't forget. Those moves at that time seemed to make sense considering the depth charts and the money involved. Hindsight is 20/20. Injuries and the fact that we had both players out of position were the real culprit. I understand the lack of 'faith' in the front office, but let me kindly remind you that we have had a shake up in the front office. Maybe things will get better. ;)
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    Shake up ? They simply promoted a TT underling to take his place. A true shake up would have seen TT/MM fired and a GM from the outside take over and revamp the whole shooting match... that my friend is a shake up.
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    It was a shakeup of sorts. Let's remember just how conservative this franchise is. TT being helped into retirement and the loss of several high ranking FO people. That at least for GB is a major shakeup. Not for most teams. But for the GB it was pretty big.
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