How many wins without Rodgers?

How Many wins in 2018 without Rodgers at QB?

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How good are the Packers without Rodgers? That's a question we need to ask ourselves, as we start to prepare for what will happen in a few years. Pick the number of wins you feel the Packers would have in 2018 without him.


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I went with 4 but it's a loaded question at this point. Depends on so many factors. I don't think we have a war horse RB and OL that could fully overcome his loss today. That would hang the D out as well so yeah 4.


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Call me the optimist I went with 7. If they can't win 7 games without Rodgers a whole lot of coaching staff needs to be canned.


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Call me the optimist I went with 7. If they can't win 7 games without Rodgers a whole lot of coaching staff needs to be canned.
Call me me the Pessimist. I went with 3.


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I went with 4, but I think we'll know more in another couple of months.
- has the defense risen above awful to at least mediocre?
- are any of the rookie WRs any good? If not, the offense will struggle when Adams a Cobb miss games.
- is Kizer better than Hundley? If Hundley is the starter we may not even win 4.
- have they found a right side for the O-Line? If not, they'll have a tough time getting much done no matter the QB.


I went with 10. First of all, defensive improvement wins us an extra 4-5 games right there. I mean between Randall and Dix, guys weren't even showing up last year. Especially the last couple games, they were essential exhibition games.

Now many people are skeptical of Hundley. But RECALL. He played very well against the Steelers, he just got Roethlisberger'd at the end, Big Ben personally pulled that game out of his ass. THAT is what cost us the playoffs.

Hundley played MUCH BETTER on the road than he did at home, and he consistently under threw guys. That means he's still thinking too much, which is what Mike teaches his QBs. Mike teaches out of a textbook, from a third person perspective. Aaron was able to take that to a first person perspective because of all the shit he had to eat at the behest of Bert Favor. He was obsessed with success. Hopefully Kizer will have some of that.

Kizer has much more anticipation than Hundley, and is less likely to be playing scared. He will know when the WR is gonna make his break and place the ball there ahead of time. He will throw guys open. But there is a learning curve. The 3-5-7 step drops, footwork and throwing mechanics are all woven into the offense vis a vis intended target on the specific play called, so the QB can go through his progression with timing and hit his guys in rythmn. That's what he's gotta work on, and the accuracy will come from that.

However even out of the gate, if need be, I do believe just with his experience and confidence, he will be playing much less scared than Hundley, and so will be an upgrade.

We also have upgraded our TE position. RBs have a year of experience. All these scrub WRs have a year in the system too. "Veterans." Have some damn confidence people.