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Discussion in 'The Warroom' started by Dubz41, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. Dubz41

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    Looking at all the different mocks and big boards I have developed a dislike for certain players. Not that they aren't good, but I just get a feeling...bad feeling.
    Hope a couple of the QBs slide so it gives us a better opportunity to trade back in the draft with teams trading up to get that extra year on the rookie QB contracts.
    I don't want to see these guys and why:

    Malik McDowell DT- Mich St kids make me nervous, still have a 'Worthy' hangover.
    Teez Tabor CB- we have enough CBs who get burned deep already
    Charles Harris OLB- not stout enough? Too early for a one trick pony.
    Mike Williams WR- this years version of Laquon Treadwell, no separation
    Takk McKinley OLB- just plain tired of UCLA guys, try another program.
    Jon Ross WR- don't do it! Just don't. Ok?

    Anyone you just would rather NOT see us get tempted by?
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  2. Mark87

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    Good list I agree... add IN Forrest Lamp OG - Anyone who would take an OG in the first round with a pass defense that looks like swiss cheese should be labeled insane. Watch the game film on the kid vs lower level talent and he should NOT be drafted before the 3rd round. Stay away from combine "love affairs" TT.
  3. 57packer

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    Agree with the both of you.

    I mocked McDowell but it made me a little queasy. As a player he's a fit, but teams have questions about his character and whether he'd be a good teammate. (I don't want to pass because he went to MSU, but it's interesting that a team known for it's defense seems to have more and better guys in the NFL on offense.)

    No guards or QBs in Rd 1.

    Not keen on a RB in Rd 1, but I'd take Fournette or Cook if they are there. Not so sure about McCaffrey.

    I'm also not so high on Peppers as some people. I think I'd rather have Melifonwu.
  4. realitybytes

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    the only one i disagree with is malik mcdowell. he's on my short list for round one. but i'd rather have a taco.
  5. Backthepack4ever

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    Disagree on williams and takk.

    Williams isn't Treadwell. We is bigger faster and stronger. We will be just fine

    I dont care about the school watch him play and Takk is ruthless. So detone Jones was a bust and a tweener. Doesn't mean an athletic freak who has a non stop motor will be.

    Back on topic

    Peppers. Great kid and athlete. I dont see him as a great NFL player

    McCaffery. I hope he goes before us so ppl dNt say we should have took him. Our o is good enough to not have to get a gadget guy in the 1st.

    McDowell. No thanks
  6. Terranimal

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    Can't argue against anything said here and the lists.

    Would like to get a top RB but when you have maybe the NFL's top QB and most accurate passer, and a leaky defense, a RB then becomes a luxury pick. So no RBs in rd 1 for me. Maybe if we didn't have Monty this might be a bigger need but we do have him so need isn't as great imo.

    Echo sentiments of ending drafting square pegs for round holes. In other words drafting DEs in hopes they can adapt and become good OLB or raw CBs and Safeties hoping can switch to Corner.

    Even if a Guard is all world still don't draft rd 1 with the defense we have. Taking a Guard in rd 1 is also a luxury pick imo. Unless he has the size/ tools/ experience to play OT then maybe.

    Hopefully the days of rolling the dice on raw players, injured, and players that can maybe switch positions is done as TT has been rolling snake eyes in recent years
  7. Dubz41

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    To expand this a little, are there other players you've maybe seen connected with the Pack that you hope we pass on?

    For me it's RB Donte Foreman. Size/speed combo is tantalizing, but he has fumblitis. Limited pass receiving and passpro. DANGER!

    OK- here's another (though I haven't seen him connected to the Pack)
    WR Chad Hansen. He does a nice job catching the ball, but he does NOT pull down the 50/50 balls. He just doesn't seem to 'compete' when the ball is in the air.

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