DJ Carton surprises most, leaves Badgers off his final 6


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The Wisconsin Badgers saw what no team in college basketball did in point guard D.J. Carton back in 2017. They were the first to offer the budding recruit and were after him hard, but in the end it didn’t apparently matter. On Friday, Carton announced his list of final six schools via his Twitter account: Top 6 #blessed — Dee Jay (@DJCarton) May 11, 2018...


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It's better to know now about Carton. Maybe it's best he go somewhere else. I believe the Badger success in all sports has been their blue-collar ethic of hard work and growth, to earn game time, not be handed the keys to a spot on the starting team the day you hit campus, without breaking a sweat.


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Not the end of the world since they are pretty deep at guard right now but Gard's not exactly burning it up on the recruiting trail. They haven't gotten hardly any of the high profile in-state recruits they've pursued the past couple of years and now a kid they were "first" to identify and offer has told them they are not even in his top-6. They are in on a couple of other higher profile recruits like Days and Nnaji for 2019 and Jalen Johnson for 2020. If they don't manage to get any of them either, I think Gard's seat will get pretty warm in the spring of 2020.
Badgers have about another yr and Barry will need to take a hard look at the program. Like 57 said they aren't tearing it up recruiting wise at all.
The reality is the only “great “ recruiting class was Dekker and Koenig. Frank was at best a 3 star guy, Harris was a 3 star. Yeah Butch was a big time guy but that’s it. You recruit to a system at UW. Reuvers should have redshirted, 3-4 star kid, King is the real deal and got hurt. RELAX