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Discussion in 'The Warroom' started by Terranimal, Apr 8, 2018.

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    With a lot of holes on the team to fill, it seems impossible to fill all of them with one draft especially when can't have multiple picks in the first 3 rounds or can they? More on this as work through the Mock.

    We have 12 picks and have through a ton of mocks out there. But my lot is that when said and done we end up with 6-8 players after trading around.

    Ideally would like to end up with (2) third rounders and (2) 4 rounders. Yes who wouldn't love (2) second rounders but that price would be high.

    While talking trades, did see a rumor out there that Pack might try to trade up in round one for Chubb. Find that unlikely and unlikely we trade up in rd 1 at all just because of all the holes we have. Yes would nice to have Chubb or James but in a deep talented draft find that unlikely.

    So back to the Mock. Sometimes Big Board ratings and talent ratings differ. This is how sometimes Pro Bowlers are found in rd 3-4 and first rounders bust.

    This Mock will be a reflection of talent rating from on field and work outs backing it up. Also will be players taken in lower rounds with higher round talent ratings which gives better odds of them becoming more then just a player.

    A caveat: Not looking to fill all 12 picks and also being lazy to figure and look up proper trade costs as time is limited. Bottom line is am looking to move around to get these players and am out for quality over quantity.

    One last note: Those that have been around me over the years remember me doing my own evals. That's not the case this year though did watch a bunch of players and games but it's not the same as breaking down footage.

    So what did do was go off info from trusted associates that have traded evals with over the years, plus some added research from web.

    Rd 1: With odds are Vea, James, Edmounds most likely off the board, makes sense to take best Corner in the draft...
    Jaire Alexander. Work out numbers similar to Shields when he came out. But Jaire is also rare in coverage and a ballhawk and solid tackler. Like Shields at 5-10 and 4.3 40, makes up for height with super high vertical jump of 38.

    Rd 2: This pick will surprise some as some might not know of him much like most didnt know who Nick Collins was....

    Tarvaius Moore Safety South Miss. 6-1 195 4.3 40 38 vertical. Workout numbers similar to Collins and according to NFL.com the numbers match the play on the field and I'd a diamond in the rough sort of at least to most fans though NFL ppl are very familiar with him.

    Rd 3: Gonna leave this as an either or of which is still on the board. Both have 1st rd talent rating and if both there would depend on your preference.

    Michael Gallup or Marcel Ateman. Both are rated over Ridley yet by big boards are projected from late rd 2 thru early 4th with 3 the median. Both have potential to become pro bowlers with Gallup drawing comparison to Hines Ward and Ateman being that dominant big WR.

    Rd 4 A: ER Hercules Mataafa..,big boards have him projected rd 4 but has 1st rd talent rating.

    Rd 4 B: OT Brandon Parker 6-8 305 another with 2nd rd talent but big board ratings around 140.

    Rd 5: TE again depending who is left here but both projected in this rage by big boards Dalton Schultz or Troy Fumagalli.

    After this becomes a crap shoot IMO so won't jus throw names out there and as said earlier figure trades will get made to maneuver around to get players Gutey wants :)
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    No problem with the 1st 2 picks. Both have the tslent and speed to help this d right away. It looks like moore is more of a fs so he wont be taking over until we move on from the overrated hhcd.

    Gallup all day over Ateman. Guys that play in an air assult o and dont move well scare me. That is ateman to a t.

    Just wondering where Mataafa is getting 1st round talent grades? He is hard to project. He played dt in college and won with quickness. He isnt playing there in the league and his numbers dont show an explosive outside rusher. I see a day 3 day here.

    Not a bad group but hard to call any blue or reds just yet.

    Imo only guys i see as lock blue/reds locks are


    Of course guys always suprise but to be a blue is hard and red is still top 10 at your position
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    Will explain....
    Blue chip: are special players with above average athleticism along with on field skills with good odds to be or become Pro Bowlers. The legit Blue chips on team right now is AR, Daniels, Bacht. Cobb and CM3 were but seem to have regressed to being Red Chip.

    Red Chip is core of ure team. They are solid starters. Some can develop into Blue Chips of course.

    White Chip: These are like players that are back ups and special team players. Some are players needing development and teams hope can become a starter/red chip. Rarely does one become a blue chip but does happen usually through good coaching and hard work...example would be Donald Driver.

    Mataafa: listed as ER, which is Edge Rusher and got the grade from Drew Broyhill.
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    your blue and red chip rankings are different to what others define them.

    Definition of a blue-chip player
    » Player demonstrates rare abilities and can create mismatches that have an obvious impact on the game
    » Is a premier player in the league and a weapon on the field
    » Combines competitiveness and skill to have a consistent championship-level performance
    » Rates in the top five at his position in the league
    Definition of a red-chip player
    » Player has abilities that can create mismatches vs. most opponents in the league
    » Is a featured player on the team and has impact on the outcome of the game
    » Player can't be taken out of the game in one-on-one matchup
    » Has a consistent level of performance each week
    » Plays at a championship level performance
    » Rates in the top 10 at his position in the league
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    I know Mataafa is listed as an ER but he didn't play that in college. Of course he isn't going to play DT in the pros but his exp as a stand up edge rusher is minimal at this point. Not saying he cant transition but he didn't post great numbers for an ER. He is a high effort lunch pale guy imo. There is nothing wrong with that and teams need these guys but that isn't a 1st round skill set.

    I like the guy. He is tough and has a motor and if we get him later in the draft I am for it but he would be a back up and not much different than Beigle

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