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    Hey so here's another thought, tangentially related to all of the above.

    When you listen to the old coaches and scouts and GMs from the 70's and 80's, when they talk about scouting the greats that came up in those years (Elway, Marino, Montana etc.), they all seem to say something along the lines of, "He looked like Joe Namath coming up" or "I hadn't seen someone throw the ball like that since Joe Namath." Which I always found interesting. No one really says "He looked like Bart Starr" or "He looked like Johnny Unitas", it always seems to have been Namath.

    So who is the current analog? Is there one? Oddly enough the guy I seem to hear over and over again is Favre, which is surprising given the unorthodox play style and mechanics. But who is the comparison that scouts these days use as the guy you want a newcomer to look like? Is it Rodgers? Brady? I hear Brees every now and then but not because Brees is the standard or representative of the best, but because the young guy being talked about is short. Or is it still one of the older guys like Marino? I don't know, or maybe they don't really do it any more because QB play is so different.
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    Excellent observation.
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    I think it’s because so few QBs coming from college are classifed as “pro style” it’s difficult to see how they translate at the next level and hence harder to compare. I’ve seen comparisons of Lock out of Missouri to Blaine Gabbert,I know scary. I think Favre gets a lot the comparison since QBs creating plays is put at a premium and he created something out of nothing many times
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