Clay Matthews - Is this his final year in Green Bay?

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by TW, Sep 8, 2017.

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    I know! A lot of people think it's blasphemy to talk about someone who's counted on, leaving, with no contract. But it's all on the line, this year.

    If he doesn't play like an all pro, will the Packers pay him over $11 million for next year? They don't have to, and they don't eat cap space.

    Talking to a guy, with a lot of NFL insider info, he says that there are several guys out there coming off contracts, that the Packers could sign, and play as well in our defense, for less than the Matthews salary. He also stated that a four, or five year deal, with someone who is 26, would be better than staying pat, with him.

    Based on Thompson's unwillingness to rewrite contracts for guys his age (he's 31), we might be seeing his last hurrah. It's the team option year, so he's also a possible trade candidate.

    I'd suggest we all enjoy his last tour of the NFL as a Packer. I doubt very much if they'll extend him during this year, because of cost.

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    I agree its is last year here. I really feel he hasn't played up to his cap hit in a few years. There were times last year he was awful. A liability on the field at times. Then he had 1 game where it looked like the old clay and he was a difference maker. 1 game. IDK if it was the shoulder or just injuries taking its toll on a once feared rusher, but CM3 needs a big year this year or he may be looking at the 1 yr specialist deal somewhere else in 18.

    While we are on the topic, I could see both him and Cobb moving on next year. That could free up some cash to lock up Adams and maybe find a pass rusher. Trent Murphy would be a nice fit if he got away for Wash.
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    Hard to say with TT. I think it very well could be his last year. TT has some history of cutting high cost veterans who he probably felt were underperforming to their contract numbers (or letting them walk after their contract is done). Then every once in a while he fools you and lets a guy play out the full contract even though there's a big number attached. I do agree though that for both CM3 and Cobb it may come down to health. If both are dinged up again all season and don't play to their $'s, then both could well be done in GB.

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    I think only reason CM3 is with team now is that he is only 2.5 sacks away from breaking KGB's record of all time sacks. I think Ted would like to see a player he drafted set that record. It's clear Matthews is no longer the player he once was. While he is still a good player he has not played up to the contract he has. Now if Matthews would want to extend for 2-3 years on a lower deal that lowers his cap number next year I think Ted and the team would be open to that.
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