Bucks 116, Celtics 92: Plenty of help in Game 3

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Bucks make good on promise and put together one of their best performances of the season in a 116-92 Game 3 victory over the Celtics on Friday night .

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I don't believe the Bucks have a huge home court advantage, and are so disadvantaged in Boston. I don't believe they played to anywhere near their potential in their two bean town losses. They did play at their level, in Milwaukee.

If they don't win this playoff against the Celtics it's going to be a major disappointment, because they are a better team than Boston.


A tale of two games. The Bucks pretty much put the Celtics away by halftime, then went into brain freeze, and quit doing the things that got them off the a great start in the first half. That steal/bucket just at the halftime buzzer was a gem!

Fortunately they didn't let the Celtics move out to a 3 or 4 point lead late, because they get pretty defensive when it happens near the end.

I really like Bledsoe's game, and the way Middleton works off the wing. Can't say enough about Giannis.

If they get the game Parker is able to play out of him, they could be pretty darned tough. They've got some real talent. Just one play maker back up to come off the bench and add that special spark, and they could be going to amazing heights.

It's 2-2, a 3 game series now. Win one in Boston, then take the W at home, and move on.