Badgers hockey add All-American transfer goaltender

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    It isn’t every day that an All-American goaltender comes your way. But, for the Wisconsin Badgers hockey program it was an opportunity too good to pass up. On Friday, it was announced that second-team All-American netminder Kyle Hayton would transfer from St. Lawrence to the Wisconsin Badgers as a graduate transfer for the 2017-18 season. Some would consider it an interesting move given the...


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    Excellent decision by Hayton and Granato. The Badgers needed a step up in the nets, and Hayton can bring it. For Hayton, an opportunity to show he can be a leader on the ice, making him better, and a potential NHL candidate. It will also act as an incentive for Berry to step up his game, so he can handle the job for two more years. He's a Sophomore, where Hayton is in his last year of eligibility.

    Granato is working hard, trying to restore the integrity of the program to the Bob Johnson era level. It isn't easy, but he's doing a good job.
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