Badgers finally getting some love!


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For a while, it looked like the Badgers recruiting was about the same as it was in the past. Solid, but no breakthrough recruiting year, where they move up the ladder against teams like Michigan and OSU.

If you believe 24/7, or at least want to believe in them for this one article, the Badgers are at the top of the heap in 2019 advance recruiting in the Big 10.

How this will translate on the field remains to be seen, but in all honesty, it's great seeing them out there, working the US and finding guys in places they've never found them before. This is how you move to the top.

Badgers #1 in Big 10


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They are certainly recruiting somewhat better, but this report is a little premature, unfortunately. The Badgers got off to a hot start for 2019 but I suspect that things will eventually end up in the usual fashion. Bucky will hopefully take a nice jump up from their usual spot in the recruiting rankings, but in the end they will probably find themselves in the 4-6 spot in the Big-10.