Badgers 2019 QB Mertz has big week on camp circuit


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We’ve officially entered the period where it’s time to pace back and forth as a college football fan. After all, we’re just a month or so from the opening of fall camps and that means the anxiousness for another season reaches a fever pitch. It also means a rough period in terms of actual news for most programs. Not so for the Wisconsin Badgers, who have been busy adding big...


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After reading how Mertz did in the Rivals Challenge, I nearly wet my pants. This kid is going to be something else, if they have the right cast of players around him.

If the Badgers continue to be a punishing running team, and Mertz can red shirt for a year, and be ready to fly when Hornibrook's days are over, we may be seeing something very special.

The trick is to get good WRs in camp, top TEs, continue with the RBs and OL we get, and set the defense up as one of the best in the nation like we have, and it's going to be a chance to look like Alabama, and have everyone gunning for them.

It's going to be an even more exciting time to be a Badgers fan!


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Their WR recruiting has been going well and I think they already have a good one for 2019. I worry a little about TE because I don't think they got one last year and have already missed on one for 2019, hopefully they find one. I'm looking forward to the Mertz era.