And the #1 pick is.....????

Discussion in 'Around The NFL' started by TW, Apr 9, 2018.

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    There's this though: they go Mayfield at #1, Barkley still there at #4?

    If that happens the run is on for QBs. You could even see Jackson and Rudolph going R1.

    That said, I am a terrible evaluator of when and where to draft a guy.
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    They then assume the risk that the Giants won't take Barkley at #2 with that thinking. But there's a lot of talk that the G-men will take him if he's there at #2.

    If they are happy with either Mayfield or Allen at #4, you make sure you draft the (arguably) best player in the draft at #1, in Barkley.
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    I think it all depends on how the Browns feel about the available QBs. If they really only like one of them, you take him at #1. If you don't feel strongly about any of them, take Barkley and let the other guys take what they want and you will still have a QB you like at #4.

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    Very interesting on Baker Mayfield. Listening to SiriusXM today. They had on Andrew Brandt for Packers cap guy. He spoke to Mayfield's agent. He said that at worst Mayfield would have went no lower then 3 to the Jets had the Browns not taken him 1. Mayfield's agent also said that the Pats were talking about trying to get to 2 ahead of the Jets had Mayfield not went 1 to the Browns. Mayfield's agent said that he and Mayfield had no idea they were going 1 till the Browns were on the clock and got the call. Andrew Brandt said this was something John Dorsey probably picked up from Ted Thompson. Brandt said when they drafted Aaron Rodgers the guys in the Packers war room had no idea who Thompson was going to take until the Packers were on the clock and Thompson then told them who he was going to take.

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