Aaron Rodgers new contract

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by GBP4EVER, May 3, 2018.

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    Slow down. Rapistberger was contemplating retirement not too long ago. He's much closer to the end of his career than Rodgers is. He is not the QB he was three years ago and Pittsburgh has been trying to draft his replacement for a few years. He is NOT going to demand big money even if he demanded it!
    There's plenty of opinions on whether Rodgers should take less money for the 'good of the team', but you can apply that argument to any star at any position. Just find a better argument than a guy who is past his prime. Rodgers carries his team, Big Ben doesn't.
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    Well to say they have been looking for a replacement for a few years is a reach. Last year Rudolph yes but Dobbs was a 4th round pick as was Landry Jones a few years ago. Ben will get big money if he wants to play, supply and demand but a short term deal. Is he Rodgers no, but he still had north of 4,200 yds and 28 TD's. Not much waiting to take his place
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    I am still high on Clayton Thorson, QB, Northwestern. He has some intangibles you can't teach. He's way ahead on his ACL rehab. Had he not hurt it he's a 4/5th in 18. I would trade up for him late 2nd and or 3rd and use my two 1's and a 2nd to build around him.

    Drew Lock, QB, Missouri is another guy I can get in that range though he would need more time in the classroom. He won't be a top 3 guy because he can't read a defense to save his soul.
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    In addition to having some skills, Thorson brings intelligence to the table. If I was to compare him of how he plays the game between his ears, I'd rate him somewhere around the level of Bart Starr. Between the ears, I'd rate Lock near Favre, in that he still hasn't figured out how to read defenses well enough to be a productive NFL QB in the future.

    My evaluation is not comparing physical talent, just understanding of the game.

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