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    Thought I'd get a couple more mocks up, but just never found the time. Here's my last minute mock, same as the draft game one.

    1) Kevin King - CB (Washington) Stolen from McGinn, he sometimes has some good insight. Size and speed.
    2) Tyus Bowser - OLB (Houston) A complete prayer as he should be gone by this spot. Willis and Williams might be options as well. I could also see Kamara or Mixon here if one of them falls.
    3) Kareem Hunt - RB (Toledo) Think he'll go a little earlier than some expect so this seems about right.
    4) Jess Dunker - OG (Tenn St) Typical small school OT who TT will ask the coaches to convert to OG.
    5) Malachi Dupre - WR (LSU) Has some size, decent speed, and athleticism.
    5) Grover Stewart - DT (Albany) A Guion replacement down the road. A small school big man who played DE in a 3-4 in college but can probably play NT as well. Needs to lose some weight but reports say he's a coordinated big man who has some pass rush.
    6) Eric Saubert - TE (Drake) A big, athletic small school guy with all the tools. Just needs development in all phases.
    7) Ezra Robinson - CB (Tenn St.) Who knows. I just found a guy with the right size/speed combo to make the pick worth it.

    OK, a mix of large and small school guys. Probably too many small schoolers - I think I went to that well once (or twice) too often in this one. Heck, I went to the Tenn St. well once to often. Who the heck knew that Tenn. St. would be the place to go to re-stock your NFL roster. I honestly didn't pay attention to schools until I was done and then just filled in the blanks. Was surprised I ended up with so many small school guys.
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