5 Names to emerge from Wisconsin Badgers spring camp

Discussion in 'Badger Den' started by Da-news-now, Apr 25, 2018.

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    For the vast majority of Wisconsin Badgers faithful this was a strange spring camp. No spring game meant limited news and no way to see the team for themselves. But, this camp was pretty wide open to the media and that means reporting could be more accurate to what was really happening inside the Dave McClain Center. With that knowledge we still have a good idea of what took place, despite not...


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    Interesting developments there. I think we're going to see some real fireworks at some positions as battles rage in the fall, for playing time.

    There's a real fight for jobs going on, from what I've heard, and the coaching staff will use that to make them all play at a higher level.
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    Oh yeah, there seem to be several positions with some real keen competition.

    RB - Taylor is the obvious #1, but behind him are James, Shaw, Deal, Groshek and the incoming freshman Watson. Man there are going to be some battles for back-up snaps.

    WR - almost the same problem. They appear to be 5 deep there as well with the addition of Cruickshank to the mix. All of them have speed and athleticism.

    OL - They seem to have 8-9 guys that are capable of starting and another couple that are right on the cusp. This could be a loaded area for this team for years to come.

    The rest of the positions have OK numbers but not much to indicate that there are enough guys to really push the starters. Certainly they have 3 known commodities at ILB with Edwards, Connelly and Orr. After that on defense there are one or two guys where we know what we are getting but after that, lots of questions on guys that have "potential". Hopefully things come together in fall camp and they are truly deep at CB, S, OLB and DL.

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