10 Things to know about the Wisconsin Badgers 2017 season

Discussion in 'Badger Den' started by Da-news-now, Aug 29, 2017.

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    We’re here, just under one week away from the start of the 2017 season. Now is a great time to take stock of the team following the answers and questions created by the release of Wisconsin’s first depth chart of the season. There’s a triple-threat at running back, some surprise names on defense and an ongoing offensive line battle that should be interesting. It’s also...


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    I see two numbers at the top of my good/bad list. 1 & 8.

    1. The lack of experience in QBs could be a real problem. If Hornibrook can't move the team, we have nothing but inexperience behind him. Making matters worse, Hornibrook is a left hander, and I believe the rest of our QBs are right handed. The entire offense is reversed, from a QB perspective, and dominant side of the QB.

    The nice part is that Hornibrook is just a red shirt sophomore so we have him for 3 years, and behind him, a totally a group of three who could be around long enough to learn, and grow.

    Right now, I'm going to be concerned about where this is going. We're pretty much counting on Hornibrook to be the real deal, and that hasn't been proven, yet.

    8. Two deep, freshmen. I think this can be a blessing, or a curse. If these guys are really good, or just good compared to a guy ahead of them who isn't all that good, is hard to tell. That's going to play out as the season progresses. I'm going to count myself in the believers category. These seem to be young guys who came to Wisconsin on a mission, and won't stop until they reach their goals. If they keep progressing, they are going to be one heck of a good team over the next three to four years.

    This was a good analysis. I'm looking at this team with guarded optimism. They are going to have to prove themselves to their opponent week after week. There's no road map as to who they are. Each game will be new discoveries.

    I can hardly wait for Friday night!
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    Living in Madison I can tell you Hornibrook is much improved, don't think he will be an issue this year. Word is the have a couple packages pre set for our red shirt freshman back up. Their hoping to get a couple blowouts and get him a ton of reps before Big Ten play.

    UW is blessed with a decent schedule and better depth this season. It should be fun. onwisco)
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    Thanks 44! I was hoping he'd be ready. He showed flashes last year, but was still trying to get ahead of the game. He tapered off some last year, but I felt a lot of that was due to the volumes of information he had to process. It takes time to digest it all.
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    Hope you're right 44. I thought Hornibrook looked good in stretches last year, but lacked some mobility in the pocket and had too much "float" on his passes. He put too much "touch" on some passes. Sometimes you have to fire that thing because the better dbs will jump those soft throws far too easily.

    We'll start to find out tonight. Utah State isn't the best test but I believe they have a "decent" secondary along with a few good skill position players. The thing is, Bucky will probably pound the rock and just run over them so we may not see a lot of passing.

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