10 NFL Veterans Who Could Be Cut Before Week 1 (Is there a Packer on this list?)

Discussion in 'Around The NFL' started by TundraJoe, Aug 7, 2017.

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  2. Pugger

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    I don't know if I buy it but on a couple of other Packers' forums I visit some say Rich Rod might not make the final 53 because we signed Bennett and Kendricks.
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  3. Mr. Peabody

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    It wouldn't be a shock, but I don't expect it to happen. Rodgers might not be a typical #3 TE, there is no standout feature to him, but he is reliable in what he is capable of doing, even if limited. Peck or Sandland will have to show intriguing promise to knock Rodgers off the team. More than likely one of them will be kept on the practice squad instead.

    A guy I think could be in trouble is Joe Thomas. Burnett and Jones could make him an afterthought as the smaller, faster mlb. Especially Jones; taller, much faster and not much lighter. Rumor is that Thomas is important to STs, but he seems like the type who is replaceable there, too. If Burnett and Jones pan out in their new roles, Thomas might not have much value on the team.
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  4. eyecatcher

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    I would not mind seeing Fuller in Green Bay. If they really cut him he would be a nice addition. He was a solid CB his first 2 seasons prior to his knee injury. There was discussion about him having the 'heart' since he was medically cleared to play but apparently chose not to late last year.
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  5. WingT22

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    On that same token, Jake Ryan might be another. The days of the run plugging LB who can't cover are limited. TEs have killed the Packers for many years now. Martinez looked better when healthy and CM3 will be shifting to the middle sometimes to save his body.
  6. Go Pack 85

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    Not sure how guys like Janis and Geno Smith make the list like this...Smith lost his starting job 2 seasons ago and Janis was never a starter. Sure, they're veterans, but of the pretty fungible variety so them getting cut isn't making any front pages. Writer didn't exactly go out on a limb here!
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  7. TW

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    I think the speculation on Richard Rodgers is important, to Rodgers. The Packers brought in TEs, and they even signed a FA TE a few days ago. They're creating a major competition for that #3 spot on the roster, and possibly a young player who can be stashed on the practice squad. Rodgers certainly isn't a shoe-in to win that #3 job.

    The same applies at WR. Janis might be in trouble because he hasn't made that big jump they look for out of players they label as having "potential." It might be that they will look to a younger player who costs less, and has what they consider more potential to advance through their ranks than what Janis offers.

    I believe this may be one of the most competitive off-seasons the Packers have had in a long time. There are fewer guys that can count on being around when the season starts, than usual. That doesn't mean they'll make more changes, just saying it's more competitive, and the fact that they don't have cut downs during preseason makes it even more difficult to judge who might not make the final cut before the season starts.
  8. realitybytes

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    by my count, there are 44 players competing for seven open spots. most of those 44 players are actually competing for a spot on the practice squad.

    edit: actually, since they cut guion and haven't brought in another body, there's only 43 players competing for seven spots.
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    GBP4EVER Member

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    Right now Rodgers being on a rookie contract and being in the offense for a few years now I think he's worth keeping over anything they have in camp as a 3rd TE. Put a guy you like in TC on the PS let him develop and have him make the team next year.
  10. kingkoopa

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    I agree, it was a stupid article. None of these guys are huge surprises.

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