Where Rodgers needs to Improve


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Brady is the same way. He throws INT's way more often and cannot get out of the pocket when he gets pressured. They are both older now and cannot move as well.

The difference is IMO Brady sticks with the run, throws short quick passes consistently, and also has had really good o-lines throughout his career.

AR tends to look for the big play more often which is why he holds on to the ball longer. But as TW said some of that can WR's running routes incorrectly or not getting open.

Just my opinions in what I have seen over both of their careers.
Brady I think goes more cowboy now then when he was younger


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I find it hard to engage with this stuff because Rodgers has 1-2 years tops on his career and at this point I don't think he's going to do anything differently than he has been. ML and Hackett got him to play more from the pocket 3 years ago, which was a victory in itself. I don't see him as the "I'm always learning" type though.
With Tom Clements back, I expect Aaron to be scrambling to the right and heaving it deep.