Bucks lose opener in OT to Celtics


I decided it was a great chance to watch the Bucks play today. They did a good job against the Celtics. They didn't win, but the old boy guard of the NBA insures that the big market teams are the ones who get a slight advantage in games.

Despite what I thought was some lopsided calls throughout the game, it wasn't bad, until they got inside one minute of overtime, and Giannis was called for a foul that one official had already called a jump ball. It was his 6th foul, and it gave the Celtics their margin to win.

I'm so sick of watching pro games in all sports being decided by officials who obviously have no clue as to what calling a balanced game really means.

Whether or not the Bucks could have pulled it out, I don't know, but that one referee made sure it would never happen.