Badgers in the 2019 NFL Mock Drafts


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Believe it or not, we’re just three weeks away from the start of the 2019 NFL Draft. While, it’s likely your focus is on your favorite NFL team, its needs and who will go where, for fans of college football it’s also a time to sneak a look at where their favorite players will be going. So, as we near the draft, I thought it a perfect time to take a look at where every former...


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2018 Draft Guru
Nice that the Packers accommodated a whole contingent of Badgers players yesterday. Since they are local visits and don't count against the 30 visits each team is allocated, I wouldn't read too much into it.

I think there are some fits. I still like Dieter somewhere in Rd 3-4. Dave Edwards and Benzs make sense somewhere in Rds 4-5 as well. They have all played in the zone scheme, though UW does not use as much outside zone. I think Dieter could play right away, the other two would be more for depth and development.

Dixon works for me as a late round depth and special teams guy. Same with TJ Edwards. For me Connelly is an UDFA camp body who could make the team/PS. Ingold being a FB is an UDFA, though I could see a team like the Packers who value the position taking him in Rd 7 just so they can lock him up. He's probably the best pure FB in the draft.

Sags is worthy of being drafted but the Packers might feel good about NT with Clark and Lancaster so might not want to use draft capital on him but might sign him as an UDFA if he's available. To me, Van Ginkel is an UDFA. Lacks size and explosion and needs time to develop. Use an UDFA spot on him if he's available.


Deiter makes a lot of sense for Pack as a swing guy that can play anywhere on OL. As far as projections of rds go it's anyone's guess as it only takes one team