An old basketball buddy died


Many years ago, when I was in my early to mid-teens, this kid who lived about 20 miles away from us would spend the summer with his Grandparents where I lived. Fos was one helluva basketball player. We met when he began working on my parents farm, helping with the strawberry harvesting. We'd pick side by side, then go into town, and play basketball at the playground with other kids. His Grandparents lived just three blocks away from the playground.

I think I know more about his family than a lot of people do, but I won't say much. Just that his parents worked their fingers to the bone to do everything they could for the family. Fos was always kind of special. The guy was always at the top or near the top, of his class, in everything. He turned that into a degree at the University of Wisconsin.

After he graduated, he went into investments. In fact, the first investment I ever made was through him. Years later I would kid him about how I had lost my ass on the deal. He'd tell me to quit whining. Over the years, he turned it into a real gold mine. He became one wealthy guy, but never flaunted it. In fact, his donations to causes in Rice Lake, WI are legend. He believed in his roots.

RIP Fos. You will be missed.

Foster Freiss -1940 - 2020. A damned good man.