2019 Camp Update: August 6 - Joint Practice with Texans #2


Carpe Diem
Practice Starts at: 10:15 AM CDT

  • Full pads today.
  • The Packers are practicing in their white jerseys again.
  • Texans DB Lonnie Johnson is not practicing today. Probably for the best for both teams.
Not Practicing: RB Aaron Jones (Hamstring Tightness), RB Tra Carson (Neck Spasm), WR Trevor Davis (Stinger/Neck), TE Jace Sternberger (Jaw / Concussion Evaluation)
Injuries: Matt LaFleur (Achilles-pretty serious), OL Corey Linsley (Biceps), LB Curtis Bolton (Groin), CB Kevin King (Hamstring), CB Josh Jackson (Foot-not serious-NFI), LB Kendall Donnerson (Hamstring), DL Fadol Brown (Calf), RB Jamaal Williams(Hamstring), OL Jason Spriggs (Trapezius), LB Greg Roberts (PUP)
  • Jake Kumerow has his left pinky finger wrapped up. Said he jammed it in practice yesterday but didn't think it would impact his catching.
  • Jamaal Williams not in pads but moving around incredibly well.
  • Patrick in at center with first-team offense. Patrick and McCray have been rotating at center with Linsley out.
  • The Texans just took the field with the Packers and already some jawing between the Green Bay receivers and Houston defense.
  • Vitale show starts. Lone setback. Nice run up the middle.
  • Second play: Rodgers all day to throw. Good coverage. Checkdown to Vitale who picks up good yardage because he’s the greatest of all time.
  • Billy Turner just drove a Texans DL five yards down the field.
  • Rodgers hands off to Dexter Williams. Nothing doing. Loss of 2 and a hold on the offense.
  • Kizer checkdown to M. Johnson for nothing.
  • Darrin Hall & Corey Grant using their speed to bounce outside successfully. Running game better so far!
  • Billy Turner again! Just drove 97 into the turf.
  • Bulaga/Bakhtiari dominant on the edges. Rodgers has time, Finds Adams for 15ish on a crosser.
  • Dexter Williams nice cut but Brennan Scarlett waiting for him.
  • Sloppy early in team. Graham and Tonyan with false starts so far.
  • WR Teo Redding & Texans A.J. Hendy got into a little shoving after a run.
  • Looked like another hold on the Packers offense. Flags thrown. Run went nowhere anyway.
  • Darrin Hall loss of 2 on the next play.
  • Wilkins fires complete to Jawill in team. Confident throw and catch.
  • First pass in red zone 7v7 is to, you guessed it, Danny Vitale. The superback.
  • Alex Light wins his first 1x1 rep.
  • Billy Turner wins one.
  • Billy Turner absolutely dominates second.
  • Patrick brutal loss.
  • Loss for Lane Taylor.
  • Elgton Jenkins absolute maulings in 1x1s. He completely pancaked his man twice and only needed a couple seconds to do it both times.
  • Cole Madison wins first rep, holds on the 2nd.
  • In first QB red zone 5 on 7, Darrius Shepherd was called for OPI negating a TD
  • Jake Kumerow just made a one-handed catch in the end zone, but called out of bounds.
  • Pankey strong rep 1x1.
  • de Beer gets beat easily.
  • Kizer wildly innaccurate in 7x7
  • Cole Madison dominates 2 reps.
  • Pankey loss.
  • Nijman loss then Nijman easy win.
  • Rodgers to EQ touchdown on a slant in 7x7. Great separation by EQ.
  • Lane Taylor and David Bakhtiari put on a clinic picking up stunts.
  • Rodgers gorgeous throw to Graham in the end zone in 7x7s low but to where only Graham could get it. Dropped by Graham.
  • Manny Wilkins finds Jawill Davis for a touchdown. Great throw by Manny.
  • Lucas Patrick limping around a bit.
  • Manny Wilkins to Evan Baylis touchdown. Strong period for Wilkins!
  • Rodgers & Graham not on the same page. Incomplete. Rodgers a bit off.
  • Kumerow catches a red zone TD in team drills from DeShone Kizer.
  • Baylis caught TDs from Kizer.
  • Darrin Hall had a nice scoring run.
  • Rodgers sacked. Rodgers throwaway. 1st team offense massively struggling today.
  • Manny Wilkins sacked.
  • Holding on the Packers offense.
  • Rodgers throws to Adams and it’s not in the same state.
  • False start Billy Turner. Woof.
  • Texans defense is dancing, having fun, clearly winning this battle so far. Rough day for the Packers offense.
  • Rodgers to Allison over the middle broken up.
  • Kizer to Tonyan for a nice pickup but guess what. Illegal procedure offense. Good lord.
  • Kizer probably sacked throws it up and should have been picked.
  • Next play Kizer sacked easy but defensive holding.
  • Kizer big overthrow.
  • Kizer sacked. 2nd team offense just as bad. Texans defense absolutely dominating without Clowney or Watt.
  • The offense could hardly look worse in what’s supposed to be a 2-minute drill. Negative yardage in three possessions.
  • Boyle to Lazard for 8ish.
  • Boyle to J’Mon for 8 more.
  • Boyle to Baylis for... 8 more.
  • Boyle to Redding incomplete. Texans defense wins that period again.
  • Wilkins sacked. de Beer smoked off the line.
  • Another high snap from Madison. Wilkins able to corral and hand off on a draw to Darrin Hall for a very nice run up the middle.
  • Jawill Davis beats his man deep but Manny can’t hit him. That does it for practice!!!
  • Kevin King not in pads but moving around incredibly well.
  • Fackrell & Montravius with the ones. Montravius immediately shoots through for a TFL. Picks up where he left off yesterday. (Preston is out of Team drills for some reason)
  • Deep ball to Fuller. Incomplete but Would have been DPI on Amos for a big play.
  • Gilbert is practicing after all.
  • Raven Greene great coverage on a deep ball and a PBU.
  • Watson fires low to Fuller.
  • Fackrell just got blown out of the hole by a double-team block.
  • Jaire great coverage incomplete. On the same play Za’Darius came screaming around the edge.
  • Huge hole for Texans rb Damarea Crockett who would’ve had at least 20+.
  • There goes that man. Kabion Ento another PBU.
  • Ento beat on an in-breaking route for 10ish.
  • Amos impressive pbu in 7x7s.
  • Texans TD in 7x7s against Ento. Ento in good position but can’t break it up.
  • Reggie Gilbert wins his 1x1
  • Texans another td - looked like Crawford got beat by Kahale Warring.
  • Rashan Gary won both of his 1v1 reps, beating Matt Kalil with speed and Max Scharpring with power. His bull rush against Scharpring was scary.
  • Za’Darius Smith also won both his 1v1 reps, beating Seantrel Henderson and Zach Fulton. Smith is such a slippery rusher. Gets into lineman’s body, eliminating leverage and knocking blocker back on his heels. Pretty impressive.
  • Blake Martinez run stuff at the line. Great fill.
  • Touchdown Darren Fells who beats Burks.
  • Lamar Miller had a touchdown
  • FIGHT! Scuffle No. 2, this time Packers defense vs. Texans offense. Music shut off. Apparently Za’Darius Smith and Kalil were seen exchangeing blows and the benches cleared. No one seems to know who or what started it yet, rumors are Kalil was frustrated at losing to Z and started it. Short fight, practice is already going again.
  • Montravius Adams with a sack.
  • Ento beat by Steven Mitchell. Ups and downs for Ento today.
  • Hollman good coverage but complete anyway.
  • Kabion Ento another nice big pbu denying a TD.
  • Hopkins beats Tony Brown for a TD. Nice throw from Watson.
  • Will Fuller beat Tony Brown for a TD.
  • Texans offense taking it to GBs defense.
  • Gary and Za’Darius in the backfield again. Probably would have sacked the QB.
  • Jamerson beat for a score. Good throw. Got it over Oren Burks
  • Now Reggie Gilbert getting some first-team reps. Preston Smith remains out of team drills.
  • Tony Brown PBU. Covering Hopkins 1v1.
  • Za’Darius would have destroyed Watson in a real game. Came off a stunt. He’s so good.
  • Jaire phenomenal coverage deep on Fuller. PBU.
  • Reggie Gilbert sack, play continues. Amos INT!!! In the end zone. WR Vyncint Smith slipped in back of end zone, and Amos got both feet down for acrobatic catch.
  • Za’Darius actually sacked Watson there. Collided with him and took him out. That’s a no-no. Got pushed into the QB after he destroyed the LT. Didn't look intentional and there were no issues. Video
  • Second defense doesn’t fare as well, allowing TD. Big play courtesy safety Natrell Jamerson misplaying an A.J. McCarron pass to Tryon Johnson. Johnson caught the pass over Ka’dar Hollman, who should’ve had more safety help.
  • False start Texans negates a likely Oren Burks sack.
  • Randy Ramsey and Markus Jones with a couple pressures.
  • On third drive, Packers defense holds. Some really good coverage reps from ILB Oren Burks, both man and zone.
  • Mike Tyson almost comes down with the INT. Probably should have.
  • Still get some pushing in shoving, practice still a bit chippy.
Special Teams:
  • Gunners: Josh Jones & EQ Protectors: Tonyan, Greene, Tyson Line: Burks - Vitale - Bradley - Crawford - Fackrell
  • Scott punts nine times vs rush. First four were poor. Last five were excellent. Last was 51 yards with 4.80 hang that Kumerow tackled instantly.
  • For you punt aficionados: 39 yards, 3.91 hang | 40, 3.61 | 39, 3.46 | 35, 4.16 | 54, 4.44 | 50, 4.49 | 49, 4.46 | 52, 4.75 | 51, 4.83 | Avg: 45.4, 4.23
  • Without Davis, Sheppard gets first crack on punt returns.
Smash & Savage in the Morning
Aaron Rodgers: Master of the one-hand catch.
Jordy Nelson is watching practice. - Word has it he might want a few reps with Rodgers today.
Jimmy Graham and Marcedes Lewis leading TEs through their individual work.
Everyone loves Jordy Nelson. Deandre Hopkins was the first Texans player to approach him, followed by AJ McCarron.
Jordy and Aaron with the bro hug after practice.
God, J.J. Watt is a good dude.

Practice has ended at: 12:11 PM| 1 hrs 56 min
Next event is: Preseason Game #1: Packers vs Texans Thursday (8/8) at 7 PM CDT

Press Conference Notes:
  • Bill O’Brien didn’t give specifics for the reason CB Lonnie Johnson was held out today. He said he will play on Thursday night.
  • LaFleur not happy with offense today “There was no energy. We need to get in and out of the huddle with pace.”
  • LaFleur said he didn’t want to show everything on offense the past two days, “They’ve got John Pagano over there” He’s the brother of Bears defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano.
  • OLB Preston Smith felt a little back tightness so he was held out of team drills today.
  • Matt LaFleur won’t say whether Aaron Rodgers will play Thursday in first preseason game vs. Texans. Says he'll look at the tape first then decide.
  • LaFleur if he’d want to host a joint practice again: “Absolutely. 100 percent id like to do it again. Would like to do multiple joint practices”


A couple of observations from the notes:


Kabion Ento- This kid seems to have some good promise. We will see what happens in the games.
Hollman- I also like this kids promise.
Savage- Have not heard much about him since the wisdom teeth. Green seems to be with the 1's. A little bit interesting...
Gary- Seems to be ahead of schedule and may contibute this year.

Hearing good things about the pass rush and the CB's seem to be doing fairly well. Worried about the run D yet. That was a downfall last year. That is what I will be looking for Thursday. Can we stuff the run consistently?


Elgton Jenkins- I think he is starting to gain on Lane Taylor. I think Taylor is gone next year and maybe even this year. All depends on depth.
Madison- He also seems to be gaining some ground. Although, keep him away from Center, (cannot snap)
Boyle- He should be the 2nd string right now and play first on Thursday.
Kizer- Should be 3rd QB at this point and I think should be cut.

As we expected, O is going through some growing pains. Hopefully, they continue to improve. Bring on the games!


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Lifetime Member
LaFleur not happy with offense today “There was no energy. We need to get in and out of the huddle with pace.”
This is at least the 3rd time he's said this so far in the past two weeks. Is this on the QB? Seems like the QB - not just Rodgers, but certainly including Rodgers - leads the huddle and is responsible for getting in and out of the huddle quickly and getting the play going.


This is at least the 3rd time he's said this so far in the past two weeks. Is this on the QB? Seems like the QB - not just Rodgers, but certainly including Rodgers - leads the huddle and is responsible for getting in and out of the huddle quickly and getting the play going.
He's pushing them for tempo. His calls are shorter in this offense. Not sure why AR would be having those issues?


ar has always used the clock and waited until the last second or two to start the play. maybe that seems like slow tempo to ml.

but reading through all the plays, the offense is clearly not clicking yet.