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Discussion in 'Curley's Pub' started by Mark87, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. Crease Creature

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    Holy smokes, I've known some of you bums for 10 years!?! I was in high school when I got started with these guys, and this is the best group of people, not just sports people, but some excellently wonderful people.

    Anybody who finds their way here is in good hands.
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  2. ski

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    What a great time Mark, Thank you for always providing a place for us to talk Packers. It's been an honor to know each and every one of you.
  3. Mueller

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    Didn't realize it's been that long. All those seasons have been a blast with a super bowl mixed in. Thanks to all for a great place to call our home.
  4. Terranimal

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    Wow, now I feel old. Started at JS in '96 and a group of then joined up with NFL fans. Next came the web wars as sites crashed....?1st was SI then Boston and so on. In the same period 2 groups formed. One was a NFL group of most teams some posters from Pack world like Boomer, Terry in Ireland, and our departed Terry from ILL and others.

    During that period was asked to help start Packer Report boards. Then Ray passed, things changed and trouble came in. From there Sneakers and I started Packers at Rivals. Also pulled double duty as Larry asked me to help with the original PC. If that wasn't enough also did scouting reports for and with Rob Rang and had a few NFL contacts and an insider at Pack HQ during Wolf era.

    All of this plus work and family became too much and took a 5 year hiatus from '03 to '08. Upon return many things changed.

    Love hooking up with Mark and his staff! This site is a dream realized that we aimed for all those years ago but didn't have the tools.

    I am happy to be a part of this group!

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