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Discussion in 'Curley's Pub' started by Scoremore12, Aug 15, 2016.

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    I entered 4 pictures into a calendar photo contest. 1 was selected for 52 entries to be voted on for Peoples State Bank 2017 calendar. I am asking for help in the form of everybody voting for my picture. The link below will take you to the contest. You dont need to be in Wisconsin to vote. My picture is under the month of July, the hot air balloons. Your help is appreciated. Thanks!

    Also, you can vote every 24 hrs. I will need all the help and votes I can get, so vote every day if you can. You can sneak 2 votes a day in if you vote using a cell phon and then also from your computer.
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    Done !
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    I just noticed this post!

    Will pass on the word to WPF.


    BTW, I did find your pic to be most representative of 'July in WI'. In Sturgis there was a balloon festival every summer, and they'd float right over the (family) house sometime during our picnic, badminton, and the water gun gun fight. :) If you were the first one to see a hot air balloon, you could call 'time out'. That meant that you couldn't be killed until there were no more balloons, but you could choose somebody else to be 'killed' immediately. That was handy, especially if you happened to be rather pissed off at someone or another. Gotta love family. If the balloons appeared during the picnic, all you could do is make everyone else wait for dessert until you chose to eat dessert.

    There are some good pictures in the contest esp the birds and barns. :)
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