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    State you were born in:WI
    State you live in now: WI and FL
    Something unique about you: Played on a State championship FB team in HS and a national championship team in collage. Uncle was a HOF HS wrestling coach

    Your love of the Wisconsin Sports
    Favorite Wisconsin Sports team Packers and Badger Hockey
    All-time favorite WI Sports Athlete: Favre
    Favorite moment in WI Sports History : 1996 SB win
    Favorite Foods: Grilled mahi mahi,Shrimp, A good steak and salad.
    Hobbies outside of Sports : Golf and deep sea fishing
    Favorite movie:Anything John Wayne, Band of Brothers, Star Wars, Animal House
    Favorite TV Show: Northern Exposure, MASH, Star Trek (all of them)
    Favorite band: Anything from old rock (Zeppelin, Stones, AC/DC, etc.) to Metal (Metallica, The Ministry, Volbeat, Static-X, etc.) to classical or country.

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