Badgers answer early challenge from Utah State, win 59-10

Discussion in 'Badger Den' started by Da-news-now, Sep 2, 2017.

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    Utah State struck the first blows of the game, but it was the Wisconsin Badgers who had the knockout punch. The Badgers took a 10-0 deficit and put up 59 unanswered points to open the season with an emphatic victory. The win was Wisconsin’s 38th consecutive home non-conference win which ties them for fifth all-time in FBS history. It also continues the second-longest active streak in FBS...


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    It had a really ugly start, but both the offense and defense made some adjustments and individual players started to play better and things took care of themselves.

    I was a little surprised by the number of passes they threw, but then the running game was not exactly tearing up the Aggie defense early. Most disappointing was the OL. They allowed too much pressure on the QB and did not exactly tear open the defense for the RBs. Eventually they just wore Utah State down, but I'm not sure the same performance will cut it against BYU, Mich, or even Northwestern and Nebraska. Hopefully they gel a bit more in the next couple of weeks.

    On defense, Leonard seemed to get the guys settled down after a shaky start and I thought made a few adjustment to how they were attacking what Utah State does. It seemed like early on they were overly aggressive and Utah St used that against them. Guys were upfield too much and out of position. As the game wore on it seemed like everyone was more disciplined and maintained their responsibilities and Utah St just could not go toe-to-toe with them.
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    Interesting game. UW got out coached and out hustled the first quarter and a half ( That's the truth so save the glass 3/4 full crap). The important thing is they overcame it, adjusted and dominated Utah state after that.

    Very young play makers in the skill positions so it may take 3-4 games for them to fully excell. Defensively we struggled in the 2-4-5 look but switching back to a 3-3-5 stack or "30 stack" slowed everything down.

    Offensively I figured they might struggle early with a redshirt freshman center and they did, again the important thing is they overcame it. I think PC made a mistake throwing early... Once they established the Power O ground game with Shaw everything else opened up. UW is a monster when they set the tone on the ground and let everything come to them tempo wise.

    Very happy for Zander Neuville last night, side note I bought my first car from his granddad at Neuville motors in Waupaca many moons ago. All and all a good out the chute game 1,Once they settle down and get some more game snaps this team is going to be fun to watch.onwisco)
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    The Badgers were out coached early in the game. The switch to the 30 stack defense completely changed the direction of the game, from our defensive perspective.

    I kept hearing how losing their key team player, a CB, cost Utah State so much. It sure as heck didn't do as much as the score showed. The Badgers just plain found out what they could do well on defense, and did it. The offense followed suit, using the constant pressure of a run game to tire their defense, and it opened up all aspects of our offense.

    I'm not going to get giddy over this win. You can't play half games and win. There are teams in the Big 10 who will eat you up and spit you out playing that way.

    I think they have a long way to go before you can anoint them the Western Division Champions of the Big 10, but I think it's a possibility. It looks like they could grow enormously, and quickly, in confidence and skills before they start the Big 10 season.

    As a note, you gotta like the way they run the ball. Imagine how tough they're going to be when they add Deal to the RB group. As far as passing, Hornibrook has to get past the yips that make him want to throw high. Against stiffer competition, those balls don't fall to the ground, they end up intercepted.
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    The first half was pathetic, probably one of our worst halves of football in a very long time. However if we are clicking as a team and when we get some more experience with our younger players......we could be one of the most dangerous teams in the country!
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    I don't know enough about the game to say they were out coached early but they were out played, out hustled, and out physicalled. Utah came out like it was their championship game and Wisconsin came out like they knew they couldn't lose no matter what they did. The coaches definitely got that fixed. I read where Leonard was having issues early with the pace of the game but he seems to have adjusted.

    Turnovers and sacks kept the Badgers in terrible field position early. The fact that they fixed their issues and dominated the rest of the game speaks volumes. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

    On on a side note, Ohio State, MSU, and Michigan also all looked like crap in the first 20 minutes or so of their games before turning it around and dominating. Is it nerves, cockiness, coaching, or rustiness that caused the poor play early?
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