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Discussion in 'Curley's Pub' started by Mark87, Aug 9, 2015.

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    I still stumble across the same old questions from 3 years ago and some recent on this site and past issues. Therefore I will try to clarify one last time all of them one last time in the open.

    Q. What actually happened between packerchatters and GBPackeraddicts ?

    A. I made a business decision to try to enhance both parties, after a certain period of time I discovered I wasn't comfortable with several aspects of that decision and withdrew. The premise that I only did it to enhance Addicts is a lie. I sent 1 count them one group email out( I still have it) to a group of members at PC that were good to me..thanked them and said the door is open if you want to visit.
    As to the free will of people who joined..that's their choice. It's water under the bridge and something both parties have moved on from I hope.

    Q. GBPackeraddicts folded ?

    A. This is incorrect and a lie. The site was hacked and our database was corrupted. Several months earlier the wisconsinsportstalk site folded and the url was available. I thought it would be a concept I would pursue later. After much thought rather than start over I started fresh.

    Q. Why the url change and new site before the draft ?

    A. The subject that I was looking at change was breached a couple months before. I love the "Wisconsin " sports concept not just 1 team. But if your going to do it you do it right. Xenforo offers some features and options we didn't have before. It's built in to be friendly on cell phones and other mobile devices as well as social networking.

    It was/is about what's best for our community long term. The fact we couldn't transfer our database and posts was another reason I left SMF and our old host.

    We are now committed long term to this software and host and several of our lifetime members have donated to make this possible.

    Q. Why isn't "insert name" posting anymore ?

    A. Mostly free will. A handful gave fake emails and I couldn't reach but by and large some people don't like our concept.

    Q. So what is the long term plan ?

    A. As has always been the case we are a small community of objective sports fans that enjoy talking sports.. life and even each other without the overbearing atmosphere found elsewhere. This isn't for everyone and we welcome all those who want to join us.

    My goal is to upgrade to the new xenforo 1.5 this fall when it becomes live and then to just enjoy the next few months without any major distractions.

    I welcome any further comments and questions or non members can email to

    Hope this clarifies things once and for all. Thank you
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    Well, I didn't see "So why is Bud still allowed here!?!?", So I guess I'm safe for a while.
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    Thanks Mark for all you do.

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