A round up of Mocks for Packers 1st Pick

Discussion in 'The Warroom' started by Terranimal, Apr 18, 2018.

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    But before “the process”, right after all the football was played, Fitzpatrick seemed like the consensus top DB. Then the nitpicking begins and now he’s sliding? Just seems nuts to me.
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    I guess I usually think that drafting any player and changing his position would qualify as a project. Everything I've read says he is projected to be an EDGE. You acknowledged that he didn't rush the passer much in college.
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    Its the talking heads that have/had these guys ranked. Both during the season and the offseason us draft "experts" sites and mockers ranking and moving these guys around. Teams will go off their boards.

    On fitz. He is a nice swiss army knive jack of all trades but i dont see a master of those trades. Good football player of course but those bama dbs always scared me. Not a top 10 guy imo

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